Over 5 million photos managed in the OMS cloud

Here is an interesting statistic for you. Estate Agents using the OMS (Office Management System) are currently managing over 5 million photos (5,256,632 to be precise) of over 100,000 property listing mandates they’ve captured.  (These are for active South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique clients only and excludes our USA operations where nearly 1,000,000 MLS properties are imported and updated daily).

These photos can be accessed in a snap in the OMS and agents can add as many photos to listings as they want, not uncommon to see 50 photos on more upmarket properties. 

Listings are added and removed every day. In the last 24 hours over 12,000 new photos were added to the OMS by over 1,000 users.

These listings and photos are then exported seamlessly to thousands of property sale and rental websites including partner property portals.

More mind blowing is that these 5 million photos are backed up daily and we can retrieve an exact copy of photos up to 6 months back. All made possible through our unique cloud recovery tool we’ve developed.

The OMS runs on Entegral’s industry first real estate cloud platform and provides estate agents with an advanced management system to manage property listings, contacts, documents, referrals, brochures and more.


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