New Updates: photo copyright, advanced search, expiry contacts bug & ipad photo upload support


Photo copyright settings

The OMS will now remember your last chosen option for the copyright setting when uploading property photos. This saves a bit of time if you always use one of the copyright settings

Advanced property search upgrades

The advanced property search now features an export option and you can export properties to Word, Excel and CSV format.


Automatic property expiry bug with contacts corrected

The OMS automatically expires properties once the expiry date is reached, and changes the listing to an expired status. A bug caused the contacts on this listing not to be transferred to the latest expired status (although the contacts were still available when you selected the previous for sale/rental status). Contacts are now brought over correctly when the property expires automatically.


iPad photo upload support

The OMS now supports the upload of photos through the Apple iPad tablet. You will need the latest iOS 6 operating system on your tablet in order for the photo upload to work. To check if you have it, simply go to settings on your iPad, click on General and Software Update.

The OMS supports uploading of one photo at a time as indicated below and will automatically resize your uploaded photo, once it has been uploaded to the server.


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