New industry first Fax-to-Property feature launched

We are proud to announce a ground breaking industry first feature in the OMS: Fax-to-Property

This allows estate agents, attorneys, seller, buyers and anyone else involved in a property transaction, to fax documents straight to the respective listing in the OMS (Office Management System). The fax is linked to the property listing, an email notification is sent to the agent, and he is further notified of the fax in his OMS Live inbox. Not only is this a big time saver, but it allows for better property file/document management within an office.

How does it work?

Agents can simply open a property listing, and click on the ‘fax-to-property’ link. A unique fax number is instantly generated for that particular property listing which can be provided to all contacts on the property. All faxes sent to that number is automatically converted to PDF and attached to the property, from where the agent or office can open it.


When a new fax arrives, the agent is notified via email. Faxes can be opened directly via email (even from a phone) or opened in the OMS for viewing:


On the property listing, agents can provide a descriptive name for the fax (e.g. Seller ID). All documents related to a particular property mandate is now neatly organized:


There is no limit on the number of faxes that you can receive on a property listing as we provide ample space on all packages.  The fax-to-property service is also included on all our OMS packages at no additional cost.

The feature follows on another industry first, Fax-to-Document library we’ve released a couple of months ago.

Entegral is revolutionizing online document management for real estate, and this is another step in achieving our goal.

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