Revamped property files & links functionality

A revamped property files & links functionality is now available on property listings.

It features a more user friendly interface for uploading files or links but also features the following improvements:

1) larger file sizes (up to 20MB files can now be uploaded depending on your account)

2) more files extensions (the system now allows all the common file formats like PDF, DOC, JPG etc)

A little info box bottom right will also provide you with details regarding the available space for files on your account. The total files uploaded on properties are calculated for your office and displayed here.  Review OMS account packages here for an overview of space available per account, ranging from 100MB to a massive 10GB (10,000MB). Additional space can also be purchased should you ever run out.  (If you upload on average 1MB documents, you will need to upload 10,000 files on the high end packages before you will need to purchase additional space). The storage is highly secure and is perfect for storing confidential files on each listing, or uploading documents to your website that can be downloaded by the public.


When selecting files for upload you will see a progress indicator. You can also select whether the file is for internal use or can be viewed by the public on your website or portals that support displaying files:


Did you know, you can add videos to your property?

Simply upload your videos to, get the ‘share’ link as indicated below:


…and simply copy and paste as an external link:


it will display as an embedded video on your property listing on your own website (hosted through Entegral) and Entegral portals like MyProperty:


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