Revolutionising online document management for estate agents in the cloud - go paperless with the OMS

We are revolutionizing online document management for estate agents, one step at a time, through our industry leading cloud infrastructure. Here is a look at our latest upgrades and other features that enables offices to work towards a paperless environment.


We are proud to announce an important upgrade in the property document management section of industry leading OMS for Estate Agents.

Estate Agents can now save bigger and more files on every single property listing they capture in the OMS.  Read more about the upgrade here. Estate agencies can now enjoy getting up to 10GB of storage for files saved on property listings included as part of their subscription packages and if they ever run out of space, can purchase additional 1GB bundles to provide limitless space. Estate agents can essentially save everything related to a property, and since you can archive property listings, it is always available 5 or 10 years down the line of required. All stored securely in our cloud environment.


The functionality was available before but was limited to smaller 1MB documents.


Back in 2011 we launched the document library module for estate agents and in 2012 we’ve double the space. The document library allows file sharing in the office and your group through a very easy to use interface. The OMS also provides personal space for very single user in the OMS, at no additional cost.  This ranges from 50MB to 500MB per user and 100MB to an incredible 10GB per office. (All of this still included standard in the OMS subscription packages).

oms document library personal office


In 2012 we’ve launched an industry first, allowing estate agents and agencies to get their own fax number at the click of a button, and immediately start sending faxes straight into their document library.


Users are then immediately notified via the unique live inbox facility and through email that a fax has arrived. This has simplified fax document management for estate agencies and with drag-and-drop features it made it incredibly easy to categories faxes. The perfect solution whether you have 1 or 100 agents. Still, all of this included in the standard OMS subscription fees.




We are on the point of launching another industry first, (and, from what we can see, a world first), so watch this space and learn how you can improve the paperless trail in your office. So watch this space or follow our Facebook page to get the inside scoop.

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