Huurkor joins Entegral

We’re delighted to welcome Huurkor from Pretoria and surrounds to Entegral Technologies.  Huurkor, a prominent rental company in Pretoria had their own website already developed and designed.  As their business grew with multiple offices the need for a system that can function on organisation level arose and so they joined Entegral.  We took the current graphics and copied the site exactly as it was with their previous service provider and only edited the controls to sync with our property management system called the OMS.  It was that simple and in no time they had their old-new website running from a new system in no time. 

Visit if you are interested in property to rent or to buy in Pretoria or contact any of their branches in Montana or Hatfield or their Commercial Branch for commercial real estate.



If you have your own real estate website and love the way it looks en functions but your system behind the website does not fit with all your business needs be sure to give us a call or send us an email and we’ll try to keep as much of the old but but we’ll fix it with the new! 

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