Instagram video for Estate Agents

Instagram introduced video for their mobile app and it is now available for iPhones (and should be available on Android phones later). Read more here:

This opens up a new marketing opportunity for estate agents. For a start, it is very easy to record up to 15 seconds of video with Instagram and then post it to your social media accounts including Twitter and Facebook. You can also share the video through email and on your Tumblr blog.

The trick is not to record the whole home overview in one shoot, you need to segment it and record all the rooms. This can be done easilly by just tapping on the Instagram record button to pause it.
Here is a sample we've done and embedded on our blog using the service.  You can easily do this for your next listing mandate. 


How to use Instagram to market a home?
For Entegral OMS clients, you can also easily share your instagram video on your property. Simply go to your Instagram web account (e.g., open up the video, copy the URL from your browser and insert it into the files & links section on the property listing as illustrated below:

Within a few minutes this link should appear on your property listing on MyProperty or your Entegral powered website

(the system also cater for inserting youtube videos, which will be embedded on property views)

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