The logo evolution of MyProperty

by Adriaan Grove, Entegral founder.

With the new MyProperty website currently being developed, we investigated revamping the logo.

Back in February we started prototyping brand new logos but at the end decided to only make small design tweaks to the current one. Bringing out a complete new logo is risky and we felt that the current one should just evolve. I guess a bit of nostalgia also played a part.

Sometimes a complete logo design is necessary and for the good, just have a look how Apple’s 1st logo looked in 1976 (also click here for an interesting view of the most drastic logo changes ever):

Apple's original logo, co-designed by Steve Jobs, depicted Sir Isaac Newton seconds away from revelation. It was complex to the point of being hard to look at, hence a quick switch (in 1976) to the beloved rainbow apple and the evolution to today's sleek design.

This took us on a trip down memory lane and I compiled a list of how our logos evolved through the years:

logo evolution

Our first logo before 2005 was actually just standard text! Back then, every extra kilobyte on your page meant 1) extra bandwidth costs and 2) much slower pages for dial-up connections. Running a bootstrapped business, every page and image had to be optimized to save cost and make the end user experience as fast as possible. With great SEO, we quickly moved MyProperty up to the top of search engine results and started paying an arm and a leg for every kb saved somewhere helped (we off course moved all our products to the Cloud since)

The importance of having a great designer clearly reflected in the 2010 logo upgrade. At that time we also made a much improved upgrade to our company logo:


Which brings us to 2013. We’ve gone for a flat design & updated font. The property text was also changed to grey. Overall, a cleaner & simpler look. This is still in beta (including the slogan) and will be finalized over the next couple of weeks.


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