Tip: downloadable PDF’s on your website for house plans

So you have a new development you want to market on the web? You upload the development plans as photos but they are still too small to see the details. What to do?



Simply upload the plans as PDF files on the property:

1) open up the listing in the OMS

2) click on files & links

3) click on ‘add file’

4) select the PDF file from your pc, enter a friendly description, tick the ‘make public’ checkbox and press upload

5) you’re done. Within a hour the property listing will be updated on Entegral powered websites (including your own agency website and MyProperty) to reflect on the property as a downloadable link.



Any restrictions?

Click on the ‘file usage’ link on the bottom right to review how much storage you have left. We provide plenty of storage for accounts and you can easily upgrade too. There is no limit on the number of files you can upload on a property listing.

If you don’t select the ‘make public’ option, the file will be for internal use only, e.g. contracts.

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