Brand new mobi sites launched for Entegral Clients

Keeping it simple always seems to be the best way to go about when developing something new, or in this case, giving a feature a revamp.

There's no doubt, especially in South Africa, that mobile is one major player in the online environment and you are most definitely losing out if you do not make some kind of effort to put a user friendly platform out there to target or reach your audience on a mobile device.

We've had a mobile website for for quite some time and to be honest did not pay too much attention to it as this was not the main source of our traffic.  Keeping an eye on our stats for devices accessing our sites we realised more and more everyday that the curve on the graph grew exponentially for mobile devices compared to normal PC's.

Hence, a new mobi site was launched.

It was designed and developed in such a way that we could use this same framework and template for our clients too.



From left to right,,, (Open with this URL on your smartphone)

The layout and design works for almost any kind of corporate identity, making your brand easily recognisable.  

From the home page, your visitor will be able to do a quick and easy search by either searching for rentals or for sale listings, typing in a keyword for the area interested in or doing an area drill down as shown in the images below.

Another unique way of searching for real estate is by searching for properties close to your current location.

Ensure that your location services are turned on on your smartphone and simply click on the icon next to "search using my current location".  In this example of Retha van Zyl's mobi site, should you be close to Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate in Bloemfontein, results will be given for all listings listed in and around your location. Nifty? Yes, we think so!

After you have selected your area of interest a results page will be given through which you can scroll and view properties more in depth on their own details pages.

The potential buyer will be able to make an enquiry on your listing via his smartphone, view full details captured in the OMS and also view all images in a widescreen image gallery. 

Notice how every screenshot of the mobi sites used in this example opens with the real estate company's name and URL and is not a subdomain of your real estate service provider!  When a visitor types your domain in to his or her smartphone they will automatically be directed to your mobi site instead of opening your desktop site on a much smaller screen.

To be able to make use of this mobi site, your listings need to be captured on Entegral's Office Management System.  The website carries a once off setup fee of R799 excl VAT and a monthly hosting fee of R49 excl VAT.

* Clients with existing mobile websites can upgrade to the newer version @ R300 excl VAT.

For more information on our mobile website offerings, please visit our website or send us a mail at if you have any enquiries about this product.

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