Updates 24 Feb 2014: expired listings search & agent transfers

Searching for expired rental listings in the OMS advanced search

We corrected a problem where not all rental expired listings showed in the search results for the advanced search in the OMS:


Technical: the problem was caused by a recent update to the OMS advanced search functionality and only applicable to rental listings that expired.

The OMS allows you to save all your historic data including rented, expired, inactive and sold property listing stock. This allows you to look-up the property at a later stage and re-enable it to for sale, rental or auction status. There is no limit on the number of inactive/expired/sold stock an office can have, and won’t affect the speed of the system.


Agent transfers between offices

Transfer of agents between offices (a function available to groups) have been tweaked and will now correctly handle the updates to external portals to reflect the agent’s new office. Any listings assigned to that agent will also be transferred automatically. The process can take a few hours to complete depending on the number of listings and number of external portal interfaces enabled by the office.


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