Expert real estate domain hosting


Having a great domain name and associated real estate websites is critical these days for estate agents since most people start their property searches online.

At Entegral we handle everything, including the registration, renewal fees, hosting and DNS setup.

We make sure:

1) You are listed as the registered owner of the domain (many service providers registers the domain in their own name which is not correct).

2) Your yearly fees are paid on time to the relevant authorities. Failing to pay your fees can result in you loosing your valuable domain name.

3) Your domain is hosted on our state of the art cloud-based worldwide anycast DNS network. It ensures the fastest access times to your website from anywhere in the world with multiple DNS failover points. It also automatically scales with large traffic volumes. If your domain is unreachable, your website is unreachable. The cost for this premium service is included in your yearly fees.

4) Provide additional domain services. Such as linking multiple domains to your website, setup subdomains etc.



Entegral is an accredited registrar:

To register any, .com, .net or other domains simply email our helpdesk on

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