x12 new Flex real estate website updates

The following updates are now live for all Flex real estate websites:

1. The for sale/to rent dropdown will default to where you have the most properties available:image

2. For commercial rental searches, we’ve increased the minimum and maximum price ranges:


3. The default search results sort option has been updated to default to ‘latest first’, to show your latest properties first:


4. The ‘email property’ function on property details now includes 4 photos in the email sent. The email property function is available under the share button”


5. We corrected a problem where the unsubscribe link on property alerts didn’t work.

6. We implemented various SEO updates to assist improving your organic ranking in search engines like Google:


7. Captchas are now integrated into property enquiry forms to eliminate spam enquiries:


8. On show propertiy banners will feature in search results when doing searches:


9. Fixed a small problem in the photo gallery for users using the Firefox browser.

10. Small adjustments in alignment of items on pages to better cater for different screen size devices.

11. There is now a ‘submit your details’ form on the office contact page. If you have newsletters enabled, a ‘sign up for newsletter’ option is also included by default:


12. Direct links for clients to sign up for your newsletter or property alerts:

You can now provide clients with a direct link to sign up for property alerts and newsletters on your website (if enabled).

Simply use your website address and add /alert-setup or /newsletter-setup to the end of the URL, it will show those signup forms by default:



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