Flex real estate website updates

We have done the following updates on all the new generation Flex real estate websites:

Right click on property photos disabled

To make it more difficult for competitors to copy photos from your website, we have disabled the mouse right click on property details photos.


Aspect ratio on photos in property search results

We’ve improved the aspect ratio of photos in property search results. Previously the photos were slightly squashed.



New photo count badge on property details

The number of photos on a listing is now displayed on the photo tab. The property below has 19 photos.



New area filters for multi-office sites


  • For multi-offices with a Flex website the office search facility now has a property portfolio sidebar where properties are grouped by town and suburb, including counts.






SEO Improvements

Various SEO improvements have been made to aid your website in ranking higher in search engines. Now the specific details on what we do is a closely guarded secret ;) … but you can still assist by making sure 1) your property details are descriptive and up to date and 2) you load regular area news items on your website.


Is there a problem with Flex?

No need to wonder anymore with real time system status updates on status.entegral.net – more info on the new service here http://productblog.entegral.net/2015/02/transparent-system-status-updates-on.html


Not on Flex yet?

No way! Contact our helpdesk to organize an upgrade of your current website, this is so much better:


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