#OMS_QuickTips: How to print and use a QR barcode for a property

Barcodes are dead? Barcodes are everywhere!

Just think of how you can use Snapscan and Zapper today to make effortless mobile payments. Since 2011 you can also generate QR (Quick Response) barcodes for property listings through the OMS. How do you print one for a specific property?

1) Open the property listing in the OMS;

2) Navigate to reports and click on QR code;

3) A unique QR code is generated for that property, you can download it and print/place it anywhere;

4) People scanning the QR code will now be able to open the listing on your website.Yes, it also works on the latest generation Flex real estate websites;


How will people use this?

1) The open their barcode scanning app, and scan your property QR barcode. This can be placed on a for sale board, window ad, newspaper ad, brochure or anywhere else you want people to get quick access to a property listing:


2) The barcode is scanned and a link pops up:


3) They click on the link and open the property listing for viewing. Easy!


Note: Use this QR Code with our latest generation Flex websites and you are guaranteed that it will open perfectly on all their devices, no matter what screen size device they use.

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