Having a real estate website alone won’t get you on top of Google’s search results

It is easy to get a website these days. You can get a new Flex responsive real estate website from Entegral set up in a flash.

But having a website alone won’t get you to the #1 spot in search engines like Google. Many years ago, stuffing your pages with keywords worked, now it is frowned upon by Google. It is content that works – good unique and frequently posted content. Here is how you can get higher position in the organic search results depending on your focus:


1) Your are an area specialist


If you are an area specialist, like Retha van Zyl properties in Bloemfontein, you have the advantage of focusing on one or a couple of areas, and all your content will be highly targeted on this area. This actually makes it a bit easier to rank higher if you frequently add or update content, as all your keywords will be focussed on that area. Make sure you have a unique home and about us page and post regular news articles about your area. Supplement this with an article about your area.

Retha van Zyl properties are ranked on Google Page #1 for a search like ‘property for sale in woodland hills’.


2) You are an office with multiple areas



Ranking high in Google for a real estate office like Protea Real Estate in Bloemfontein is a bit more difficult since you will have many operational areas. There will be a few properties in each suburb and your news articles will probably focus on different areas all the time. In short, your keywords for suburbs will be diluted across your website. Here you need to be clever and write good quality area articles. Identify your main operational suburbs first and write a page for each. Include some photos and keep it updated once every few months (or ideally sooner) with fresh content. Supplement these area articles with news articles.

Protea Real Estate is ranked on Google #1 for a search like ‘property in bloemfontein’.

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