How to write listing descriptions that sell.

Pictures may well be worth a thousand words, but in real estate a well-written listing description could seal the deal.

The Basics

Even if your listing is a bargain you should be shouting about, avoid typing in all capital lettering. The simple reason for that is THAT TYPING IN ALL CAPS MAKES READERS FEEL LIKE YOU ARE YELLING AT THEM - and no one likes being yelled at. In fact, a study done by the Wall Street Journal had shown that 41% of readers who were faced with a description typed in all caps ignored the entire listing.

Always make sure your listings are error free - it happens to the best of us and while it is not the end of the world, it reflects badly on your listing at the end of the day. A quick spell and grammar check will greatly enhance your descriptions and will make it easier for people to read.

It has a roof, a kitchen and bedrooms....

When it comes to describing a property it can be very hard to come up with the right words that will pique a buyer’s interest.

The description of the real estate listing outlines the home’s primary features and describes what home buyers will get for the price. Don’t leave any positive aspect of the house to the buyer’s imagination. If the house has undergone any recent renovations, such as a kitchen upgrade mention it.

Because buyers’ tastes and preferences vary, it’s best to avoid using empty adjectives. Instead of using non-descriptive words in your listing, focus on words that provide valuable information, such as “tree-lined street.” The reader will instantly know that the street has ample trees, shade and curb appeal. Don’t focus on colours or home decor, because those things can be changed after purchase.

Don’t forget to mention any close-by amenities such as schools, medical facilities or shopping centres. If you are selling a property in a well-known student area, mention the proximity to public transport or the university. Buyers are interested in the kind of lifestyle residents in the area enjoy - is it a quiet suburb or a trendy hotspot? Mention these things to ensure you attract the right kind of buyer for the property.

You don’t need a novel and you don’t need to write like Hemingway, just write to enhance what your photos and property facts show.

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