New improved Virtual Tour Viewer now works on all devices

With the OMS you can create your own unlimited virtual tours for all your properties, at no additional cost.

With the latest upgrade, the viewer was upgraded to the latest HTML5 technology ensuring your virtual tours will load on all devices including the latest tablets and phones. You still only need a digital camera and tripod and stitching software to create them – so get started with virtual tours here. If you load virtual tours on property listings, a virtual tour button will display on the listing (if your website is hosted through Entegral).

Virtual tour panoramic images can these days be created with various free or purchased software, and can easily be uploaded in the virtual tour section on property listings. Each panoramic image you upload presents a scene – users will be able to select this from a dropdown on the viewer. Best of all? It is unlimited and free if you have an OMS account.


Click on the photos below to open sample virtual tours for 2 different properties:



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