Property library size doubled for all OMS users

The OMS makes it easy to store all property related documents directly on the property listings. Even if you archive the listings, the files with all other property info are kept intact, securely in the cloud. There is no limit on the number of files you can upload, limits are imposed on the total of all file sizes saved on all listings.

The OMS property library allows you to save files and links for either internal or external use on individual property listings:


You can even share files securely with clients or fellow colleagues:


Files that are uploaded to properties and marked as ‘external’ will automatically become available on your website for visitors to download:


We have now increased the property library size for all users by +- 50%. E.g. Venture package users had 1GB of space previously and now have 2GB of space available on their property listings, at no additional fee. Have a look a the OMS packages for the new property library sizes:

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