How to write neighbourhood profiles for your real estate website

Quality content on your website won’t just help boost traffic to the site, it will also help you to become a go-to agent for your area - especially with out-of-town-buyers.

Why write neighbourhood profiles?

Neighbourhood profile pages are an excellent lead generator that will build your credibility and reveal you as a market leader who truly knows the area.

These pages are the first stop for buyers who are not familiar with the area and because you can provide the necessary information they will most likely choose you to be their real estate agent. Another bonus of a neighbourhood profile is the SEO boost it will provide for targeted areas.

How to start

Start by making a list of the neighbourhoods or even gated estates that you know best. Your personal expertise makes them easier to write about.

These neighbourhood profiles can be added to your news section of your website, which will be delivered to your newsletter subscribers’ inbox automatically.

If there is an area that has a lot of real estate activity we would suggest using this as your first profile, this will bump up site visits and as you will see later, showcase your listings.

Topics you should include in your profile

While any given area will have a wealth of information, there are a few important topics you can include in your profile that will ensure visitors are supplied with the right information.

Cover the neighbourhood and what makes it appealing. 

Be sure to mention the following:
  • schools 
  • universities 
  • parks 
  • affordability 
  • weather
  • neighbourhood culture

Demographics – Is this a sleepy neighbourhood with a lot of retired home owners or a trendy hot spot for single creatives who prefer an on-the-go lifestyle?

Market Statistics – These can be presented as a brief paragraph summary, a link to a PDF document, or a visual graph. Our Property Intelligence reports, based on Light Stone data, is available via the OMS to assist you with compiling suburb trend reports.

Testimonials – Ask the people who live in the area what they love about it! Add a photo to give it a personal touch.

Keep everything organised and remember that you can always come back later to update these articles with new information.

Extra Content

Links - link the area to your current listings, this allows users to go from researching the area to possibly falling in love with one of your listings in one easy click.

Photographs - Include photographs of the area, amenities such as parks or community happenings. This will help people visualise how their current lifestyle would fit into the new area.

Calls to Action - You can end the profile by asking readers to leave comments on what they love about the area or even where the best places are for dinner. Remind them about the property alert function on your Flex Website, so they never miss out on a listing.

Always remember that Google loves original content - be yourself and write about the area from your own perspective, ask friends in the area where they love to go (you might find a new favourite restaurant)  - you will be surprised how a little effort could go a long way.

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