New: Interactive suburb maps for Flex websites

New mapping features are being developed and rolled out to Flex websites.

1st off the line is this interactive suburb map available for all flex agent, office and national websites. It places map markers on all the suburbs where you have listings and allows visitors to pan around and zoom into suburbs to view listings:


See the suburb maps in action on this website:


The interactive suburb maps can be activated for any existing Flex powered website for R499 ex VAT. This includes:

1) Link in website menu, e.g. “suburb map”.

2) Replacing one of your existing banners on your home page linking to the map page.

3) Inserting links to the map page on any of your content pages.

4) Setting a preferred default zoom level and location of the map for visitors.


Any custom graphic or content work outside the scope of the above will be quoted for.

Please get into contact with our Helpdesk to get your interactive suburb map activated.


Additional Notes:

No property location is made available in the suburb maps, it only shows markers on the specific suburbs where you have for sale or rental property listings. Should you be interested in an interactive map showing all your geocoded property listings on a  map please get into contact with us.

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