Integrate video tours into your listings for free

More and more agents are using the video and OMS internal virtual tours on property listings. Both are free and offer a way to enhance your listing over most of the 'stock standard' property listings you see. The OMS furthermore allows you to integrate other external virtual tours that will display on your Flex powered real estate websites. Here is a quick overview of what you can do:

Adding Youtube video tours
It is as simple as copying-and-pasting the Youtube link on the links section on the property listing.
Click here for full instructions.

step 1: copy the Youtube video link in

step 2: after a few minutes the video will appear on your listing

Adding external virtual tours
Simply insert the link to the externally hosting virtual tour and make sure you insert the words 'Virtual Tour' into the description of the link. It will then display a virtual tour button in a tab on your listings:


OMS internal virtual tours
Create free 360 degree virtual tours for all your properties using the OMS internal virtual tour system. You upload the panoramic photos into the OMS and a virtual tour is displayed on your listings. The virtual tour viewer has a dropdown where visitors can select different scenes/rooms and a maximise to full screen button. A bit of trail and error but once you see how easy it is, you will save thousands over using external virtual tour companies and can promote it on more mandates. Fore more information on the internal virtual tour feature click here.


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