Knowledge is Power with Property Intelligence Reports

As real estate agents having an edge in a competitive industry makes a huge difference and while excellent networking, branding and an online presence do factor into this, knowledge remains the one true advantage for any real estate agent.

For potential property buyers, knowing that they are investing money in a property that will increase their portfolios is essential - and the only way an agent can be assured of whether or not a certain property is a right choice for a particular buyer is by using in-depth property intelligence reports.

Regularly a Property Report will offer comprehensive information about the sale activity of a property and the surrounding area. This type of report will allow the agent to see the history of the particular property regarding the sales activity, details from the Deeds office, owner details, municipal valuation details as well aerial/ satellite images and recent comparable sales.

And while this type of report shows crucial information about a property, a suburb analysis report will give an agent and buyer a more comprehensive overview of a specific suburb. This helps both agent and buyer understand the property trends of an area more inherently which allows them to make a better-informed decision.

Now the only question you have left to ask is whether or not you can afford not to know all there is to know about the areas you operate in?

Remember that Entegral offers Property Intelligence Reports to OMS clients, to find out more about this please visit our company website or contact our helpdesk.

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