Add additional features to your property listing, availability dates on rental properties now showing.

Set your own additional features for property listings.

We often get requests from clients wanting to add more listed information on a property listing, other than the info that is already available on the OMS.

You can add additional features to your listings in the OMS by setting these features in your parameters such as irrigation systems on farms and small holdings, ocean views for sea front properties or additional parking options for commercial property.

These additional features will display on your Flex Website, developed by Entegral Technologies.  If you already own your own Flex Website you can follow these steps to add any additional feature to your listing:

Log on the the OMS > click on setup > My Office > General Settings > Choose the parameters tab.

Select the type of property (residential, commercial or agricultural) to which you want to add the additional feature.

Add your features by separating them with a comma only.  Save your additional features.

When listing a property on the OMS you will now be able to view the additional features that you have added to your property type and will also be able to tick the applicable features.

When you've completed your listing on the OMS, it will display with the selected additional features on your Entegral Flex Website.

* Note that these features do not feed through to partner portals via our listing syndication service and is only applicable to Entegral Flex.

Availability of properties to rent.

A new and additional feature added to our Flex Websites will be of particular interest to estate agencies who specialize in rental property.

The date on which a rental property will be available will now also display alongside a listing on your Flex website. The update will also now ensure that once the availability date is surpassed, a listing will automatically show as ‘Available Now’.

Above image shows that the property listing is currently available to rent. (Highlighted in green)

Above image shows the date to when the rental property will become available for occupancy. (Highlighted in green)

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