Improving your Property Ranking on MyProperty

Developed and fine-tuned by our hard working developers, the MyProperty Property Ranking algorithm, aims to ensure high-quality listings are ranked higher.

The algorithm uses over 20 factors to determine where the property appears in the search results and to ensure that no agent or agency can manipulate the algorithm, we have locked the exact dynamics away where only our developers can find it and continually improve on it.

If you are wondering what determines a high-quality listing consider these factors when you are uploading a new listing:
  • Fill in as much information as possible - such as bedrooms, bathrooms, garages etc
  • Ensure that your listing description is informative and well written
  • Although not every listing calls for a professional photographer, it will be advantageous to include good quality photographs.
  • Geocode your listings where possible
  • If you have a show day coming up, schedule it from your OMS dashboard

Click here to find out how to geocode your properties or write a listing description that sells

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