New listing syndication partnership with UK Portal, Zoopla

We're extremely excited to announce a new partnership formed with major UK property portal, Zoopla.  

The well known UK portal boasts with 40 million world wide visits each month to their portal.  This comprehensive property website provides thousands of property listings listed from around the world combined with market data and information.

We created a partnership with them whereby all Entegral clients, listing on our Office Management System will have the option to send their for sale stock to Zoopla via our Online Marketing Module or Listing Syndication Service.  

1. Zoopla Professional Advertising Packages

These packages offer listings on Zoopla branded under Entegral’s MyProperty brand. All leads are screened and forwarded to the relevant agent. You can activate/deactivate any for sale listing within the package limits at any time.

Listings include all property photos, exact map location if selected and key property details. Click here for an example of live listings.

Fees for South African real estate agents: 

5 Listings - R99/month
20 Listing - R599/month
50 Listings - R1299/month
100 Listings - R1999/month

*prices exclude VAT

Fees for Namibian real estate agents:

5 Listings - N$99/month
20 Listing - N$499/month
50 Listings - N$1199/month
100 Listings - N$1899/month

Fees for estate agents from other countries: 

5 Listings - $9/month
20 Listing - $59/month
50 Listings - $129/month
100 Listings - $199/month

*Only for sale listings are allowed for non-UK agencies

2.  Zoopla agency branded advertising packages

For agencies looking to showcase listings on Zoopla under their own company name, logo and telephone numbers, we offer a custom agency branded package. Leads are sent directly to the agent, with no pre-screening done by our Helpdesk. You need to commit to a minimum 6 month contract.

As part of your agency branded package, you will get access to Zoopla Pro to access listing statistics and promote properties on Zoopla property search.

Branded advertising: South Africa 

100 Listings: R999 setup fee, R2499/month 
(custom pricing available for 100+ listings)

Branded advertising: Namibia

100 Listings: N$999 setup fee, N$2399/month 
(custom pricing available for 100+ listings)

Branded advertising: Other countries

100 listings: $99 setup fee, $249/month
(custom pricing available for 100+ listings)

Sign up now and advertise free during August

Estate agents wanting to test the waters first may sign up for this service from tomorrow 15 August and advertise on Zoopla free of charge for the remainder of the month. 

MyProperty branded advertising options work on a month-to-month basis and can be cancelled at any time.

To make use of this free advertising opportunity, please send an email to or give us a call for more information.

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