Why Tweeting your property listings with Twitter Cards is a great idea

There are so many great free social media platforms for us to use and if utilised to its maximum potential you'll see great results from your efforts.

One of the great features that's not frequently used by real estate agents or perhaps isn't general public knowledge, is a feature from Twitter called Twitter Cards.

What is a Twitter Card?

Basically, a Twitter card is a tweet generated from your website, that contains a photo (or video) along with your tweet. "It is designed to give the reader a rich photo experience, and clicking on the image brings the user to your website", according to www.twitter.com 

Why you should add Twitter Cards to your website

By adding this feature to your Flex website you'll gain better visibility on Twitter, increase the traffic to your website, your tweets will surely look more attractive, your brand image will get promoted and you'll be able to increase your business' followers.

Here is an example of an Entegral Client whom activated this feature on her real estate business' website: 

Example of Twitter Card: Property Tweeted by Retha Van Zyl from Retha van Zyl Real Estate in Bloemfontein

How to set up Twitter Cards

Simply send our team an email (support@entegral.net) requesting this feature - we'll then do the necessary changes on your Flex Real Estate Website

You'll pay as little at R199 excl VAT once off to add this great free marketing tool to your website.

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