AWS Polly: hear how an intelligent robot will read your property listing

What would it sounds like of a robot markets your property listing?

Last night Amazon launched a new AI service, called Polly at their yearly reInvent conference in Las Vegas. It allows intelligent text to speech conversion. Entegral's real estate products and services are built on top of the AWS cloud, so we are always eager to test new products and prototype stuff.

So we were intested to find out how Polly would read a (South Africa) property listing description. Hear Polly in action on one of our client's listings:

Although this is a basic example, you can programmatically adjust the speech rate, pitch, or volume. You can also modify the pronunciation of particular words, such as company names, acronyms, foreign words.

Application for property listings? Maybe not, but we do see opportunity with this in real estate back end services and home IoT systems.

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