How to write a real estate blog that will attract sellers

How many times have you heard that content is king? Enough for it to become an adage much like 'location, location, location' - but how do you write a blog post that is not just work for you but will also work for you?

Follow these tips to help you craft a post that will attract the right audience:

Be informative

Be an influencer when writing by remaining factual and representative of your local community. You are not just educating your potential buyers you are also attracting interested sellers who will want to work with someone that has local property market knowledge and is invested in the area.

Shine a light on yourself

Many people will decide whether or not they want to work with an agent before even meeting them in person - this all boils down to the personality you exude online. Is your blog post filled with facts and no personality? That could be a deterrent for some - inject some ingredient you into the posts to keep it fresh.

Gear it towards the seller

There is a wealth of information out there for the first time buyer but what about the first time seller? Answer questions geared toward the seller - once again you are not just educating the seller, you are also attracting clients because you are exuding knowledge!

Use hyperlocal SEO
Search Engine Optimisation might seem tricky and by adding hyperlocal might make it seem even trickier - however, all this means is that when writing a post focus on using phrases such as "Property market forecast for Bloemfontein" or "Student life in Stellenbosch" - what you are doing is zeroing in areas and making your blog stand out in search engine results!

Keep it short

Try and keep your posts under a 1000 words for the simple reason that it reads better on mobile devices and people are more likely to stick with a post if it is quick to read. 

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