Marketing your properties on Gumtree

Recent statistics revealed that Gumtree is South Africa’s second most visited website with more than 5 million unique browser visitors.

Who wouldn’t want to get their business that type of exposure?

Entegral clients can not only list properties from their OMS (Office Management System), and have them published automatically to South Africa's #1 classifieds website but can also integrate our industry-leading Sync API into their own management system to publish their listings to Gumtree (and other property portals)

It is also worth noting that more than half of the visitors used mobile devices to visit Gumtree - another statistic showing that mobile browsing is taking over the market. Our Flex responsive technology will allow you to have a real estate website that will adapt to any device it is browsed from which eliminates the need for an extra mobile website - saving you money! Did we mention responsive websites are also better for your SEO?

Contact us today to find out how you can publish your listings to our property partner portals or request a quote for your own Flex site

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