How to use suburb reports for marketing

Real estate agents are constantly receiving property statistics and it’s not always easy to see how this can benefit your business on a marketing level. We take a look at how you can use the OMS suburb reports to market your real estate agency.

1. Write a blog post about local market information

One of the most obvious choices would be to write a blog post about the latest information on the property trends in the suburb - pairing this with other information such as the type lifestyle in the suburb and the amenities, for example, you are giving potential buyers a comprehensive overview of the area.

Apart from setting yourself up as the go-to agent in the area, you are also giving your responsive website an SEO boost with your unique content.

2. Create social media snippets

It is easy to share snippets of information from the suburb report on your social media channels - what you are doing is promoting your business while showcasing your area knowledge.

Use eye-catching photos and keep the snippet short to have maximum impact. Here is an example of a snippet we created

3. Include market information in ‘On Show’ packages 

Include information into a packet that you can give potential buyers on show days - these packets can include your property brochures, business cards, and suburb property trend information.

Make sure you keep the information easy to understand as not everyone has your years of experience in the real estate industry.

This way you are standing out from the crowd and providing your visitors with the information they can use to make an informed decision. Even if they don’t buy the property you had a show day for, your extra effort and market knowledge will have them coming back to you for more.

Find out more about property brochures here: Property Intelligence Reports‎ - Overview & Signup

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