It is all about you - how to write a real estate company profile

An engaging real estate company profile is a great way to connect with your prospective clients by portraying a professional image and establishing and building your brand further.

Your Flex responsive website offers you the space to present your agency to visitors in the ‘About Us’ section of your website. And by keeping a few things in mind when you set out to write the profile you can ensure that you put your best foot forward.

Provide useful information

Where are you based, in what area do you operate, how long have you been in business or are you a specialist rental agent? These are just some of the questions you can answer in your company profile.

Also, mention awards that you might have won - who wouldn’t want to work with award-winning real estate agents?

Infuse some personality

Don’t just give the cut and dry bones of the business - infuse some personality into the profile to attract potential clients.

If your agency is really involved in the community mention it - from local sports teams that you might sponsor or have your agents provide client testimonials.

Not only will this give potential clients an idea of the agents that work at the agency, it will also leave them with the impression that you are invested in the community and will, therefore, understand their property needs much better. A good option is to have a professional photographer take a group photo of the agents and other employees, this way you are no longer just names on a paper but faces your future clients can relate to.

The long and short of it

There are no hard rules about the length but keep in mind that people will most likely be browsing your website on a mobile device, therefore keep it concise, engaging and most of all factual.

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