The 15 second rule - grab them before they leave

A study revealed that 55% of visitors read your content for 15 seconds or less, and with the millions of posts generated on a daily basis it is a war out there.

(If you are still with us - thanks!)

So what can you do to grab people’s attention with your content and keep them reading and exploring your website?

Apart from only reading for 15 seconds or less, eight out of ten people will only read your headline. So the best place to start would be crafting an attention-grabbing headline.

If you are thinking that you will just write a clickbait-worthy headline you will have to know that due to changes at Facebook with their algorithms those type of headlines will negatively influence how you rank on your follower’s newsfeeds.

Headlines that answers questions that readers might likely have do well, for example: “The home buying process explained.”

Because many users are browsing the internet from their mobile devices you will have to write your content with this in mind. Flex responsive websites automatically scales to the device it is viewed from screen’s size, however you should aim to keep content concise and to the point to ensure maximum exposure.

Once you have visitors reading your content you can direct them to other parts of your website, for example, if you had written about the home buying process you can include a link to your affordability calculator.

If you are writing about an area, include links to search results for that particular area or you can link to an agent that works in that area if you are a national agency.

Stuck on ideas on what to write about? A quick solution would be to take one exceptional listing a week and to write about it. Not only are you creating content for your website, you are also promoting a listing without too much effort. Remember to include links and photographs and you are all set to go.

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Whatever you write about, remember that original content still counts for a lot towards your SEO results and with our OMS dashboard it is super easy adding news.

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