Here is why exterior photos matter on listings

With more than 90 percent of home buyers starting their journey online, exterior photos of your listings matter just as much as the interior shots.

If you want buyers to stop and investigate further, your exterior photos, especially, need to create a positive first impression.

A study revealed that homes marketed with professional photos sold up to three weeks faster than those without.

But exactly what does constitute quality exterior photos?

The obvious first answer here should be that photos taken with your smartphone is not quality exterior photos. With so many affordable cameras on the market these days, investing in a good quality entry level digital camera is just smart business.

The best time shoot the exterior is either dawn or dusk, but the best would be to visit the home at different times of the day to see when you have the best light. Use a weather app to plan ahead to ensure you are going to get the best “photography weather”

Partly cloudy skies are actually preferable to full sun because they filter the light and make harsh shadows less likely. (Plus, who doesn’t love the look of fluffy white clouds?)

Another consensus: the home absolutely must look its best. If your budget allows it opt for staging.  Some of the best outdoor photos included a well-manicured landscape and a welcoming front door. A pop of color — either on the patio or in the yard — always makes a home stand out in photos.

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