How to write winning content for your real estate website

Considering how easy it is for people to get the information they want online, writing a mediocre blog post just for the sake of creating content (because you know content is king) is not only harmful to your online reputation but also your search engine rankings.

In order for you to create the best blog post you can with the time you have, we’ve created a little checklist of things your blog post needs to be both comprehensive and useful to your readers.


If you want to grab a reader’s attention, you will need a compelling headline that will make them want to click and keep reading. Remember how short their attention spans are? Read more about the 15 second rule and how to grab them before they leave.

So how do you write the best headline?

Don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the right title before you write the post, start with a working title. For example, the title of this post before we published it was just “Content Creation” not really catchy! But after writing the post, we could use the content to come up with a more fitting title!

Keep in mind that your headline will also help with SEO, for example, if you are writing about student accommodation in Pretoria, a title like “Property in Pretoria” wouldn’t do as well as “Buying student accommodation in Pretoria.” This is because “Property in Pretoria” is a very broad term if you narrow it down by adding ‘student accommodation’ the chance of the people looking for information on student accommodation in Pretoria seeing your blog post increases.

Featured Image
 Example of a featured image
People are visual creatures and a featured image is just another way to draw them in. If you are writing about a particular area, a photo of the area should suffice. If you are writing about something like the home buying process, an aesthetically pleasing image is more than enough. Make sure it relates to real estate and that you're legally able to edit and distribute the image.

Here are some of our suggestions:

Negative Space


Grab them with an interesting introduction - and since you are not writing clickbait, your introduction should introduce the readers about the topic your headline says you are writing about.
Whether your approach is humor, interesting and surprising facts, or asking a question, find a way to make the first lines of your blog posts as attention-grabbing as possible.


The meat of your blog post -- separated by various sub-headers, of course -- is where your readers will undoubtedly derive the most value. Statistics show that the ideal blog post length is roughly 2,100 words, but that will vary depending on your topic. Medium found that posts that took seven minutes to read earned the most engagement and attention, and serpIQ found that most of the top-10 Google results are between 2,032 and 2,416 words.

Multimedia Elements

We've told you a few times that your reader is having trouble staying focused, so wherever it's possible to use multimedia content to break up the blog post and re-engage your reader, add images, videos, audio recordings, and social media posts. Changing up the format of your blog post will provide additional value to your reader while making sure their eyes are focused on what they're reading and seeing.


When you're ready to wrap up and sign off, make sure to let your reader know the article is closing. Your conclusion doesn't need to be lengthy, but it should serve to recap the blog post the reader just finished and provide more resources and guidance if wanted.

Call to Action

Finish your conclusion with a meaningful call to action (CTA) for your reader -- whether it's advice, a content offer, or a link to another related blog post. Use the last lines of your post to leave the reader feeling like he or she learned something from you -- and like there's, even more, to learn from you, creating the desire to click a link or CTA image and read more.

Now, you can bookmark this page for the next time you write a blog post to ensure you have all the bases covered before hitting the publish button!

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