Is your real estate agency ready for the mobile generation?

We have been saying for a while that mobile is the future and the 70% of South Africans who used their mobile devices to browse the internet in 2016 agrees.

You might think that 70% isn’t such a large number, but considering that this number grew 15% in the space of one year should give you an indication that people are not only more connected than ever, they are also getting more connected faster than ever. This is according to the 2017 Mobile Report that surveyed 4 993 South African mobile internet users from November 2016 to January 2017.

The survey not only revealed how much people use their mobile devices but also what they searched for the most from their devices.

The first interesting statistic shows that whilst making and receiving calls are still at the top with 59% and 44% respectively, accessing the internet is not far behind with 40%. Clearly, browsing the internet is an important part of users daily mobile activities.

In the graphic below you will see the most searched for information from mobile devices. 11% of searches was for property information, while contact information is in the top tier with 40% along with maps and directions with 42%

So what does this mean for me as a real estate agent?

We mention the contact information and maps & directions because as a business these are vital for customers to find you. And with an outdated website, you are not doing your business any favours. It is fact that responsive websites are definitely better for your Google ranking than an older website.

Apart from being easier to find with a responsive website, it will also ensure that users have a higher quality experience while on your website. This is where that 11% comes in - while 11% might not seem like a lot. Having that kind of exposure on any listing is better than not having any exposure at all.

With our Flex responsive websites you are not only getting a responsive website that adjusts to any size screen it is viewed from, it is also eliminating the need for an extra mobi site (which is saving you money in the long run!) Listings, news, contact information and other vital details on your website is perfectly displayed on their devices without losing functionality or aesthetic.

We have solutions for every type of business - from agent sites to large national websites and everything in-between. Best of all is that you can have a new website in a couple of working days that uses all the latest technology and is branded according to your agency!

Contact us today for more information or to request a quote. You can also visit for more on our Flex responsive websites and other real estate solutions.

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