Is home staging going to help you sell a property faster?

The 2017 Profile of Home Staging study by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) shows that when a property is not selling the answer might come in the form of a new coat of paint and moving furniture around.

While these changes seem small - it might all the property needs to make it feel like home for the next potential buyer.

The report has revealed that 39% of seller’s agents said staging a home “greatly” decreases the amount of time a home stays on the market, and 77% of buyer’s agents said a staged listing makes it easier for buyers “to visualize the property as their future home.”

For 38% of agents, staging is only done to some of their listings while 14% will only turn to staging if a home is not getting any offers.

What is more revealing however is that only 37% of agents ask their clients to make minor changes such as:

  • Decluttering (93%)
  • Entire home cleaning (89%)
  • Carpet cleaning (81%)
  • Remove pets during showings (80%)
  • Minor repairs (75%)
  • Depersonalise home (72%)

Which is a bit worrying, considering that decluttering and cleaning the home should be done before you even consider taking photos of the property for your online listing.

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More data reveals that the most commonly staged spaces are the living room (83%), kitchen (76%), master bedroom (69%) and the dining room (66%).

It would seem that agent’s instincts on which rooms to stage are spot on, as most buyers consider the living room, master bedroom and kitchen as “very important” rooms. However, if you considering staging a dining room it would seem that most buyers only considered this space as “somewhat important.”

It would seem that home staging has some return on investment, as can be seen by the 29% of respondents that said these changes increased the home’s final selling price by 1 to 5%, and the 21% that said the home’s final selling price increased by 6 to 10%.

The truth is that there are many factors that play into whether or not a buyer decides to make an offer on a property, but doing some staging - from a simple declutter and deep clean - to a more extensive staging set-up does help.

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