Minimal effort SEO - Evergreen content for your real estate website

By now, writing ‘Content is King’ feels like writing lines for punishment - everyone knows it to be true, but reading it over and over again is becoming a little unbearable. Mostly because, while you know it is an important part of your search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts, you simply don’t have the time to write fresh content daily.

The answer is evergreen content

What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is content that doesn't go out of date. The core topic of evergreen content will be relevant to readers no matter what's going on in the current news cycle, or which season it is.

That doesn't mean you need to predict the future, all it means is that you will have to write about real estate topics that will always stay relevant to your clients.

The features of evergreen content:

  • Relevant, regardless of any external factors like news cycle or season
  • How-tos, data-based posts, case studies, origins/history, lists, tips, complete guides
  • Basic information (because it doesn't rely on techniques or tools that could become irrelevant)

Ideas for evergreen content in real estate

  • The home buying process: Explain the process from the questions you should ask before starting your home search, all the way through to what happens during the transfer process. You can even go a step further and create an infographic to show the steps (visual content is always a bonus)
  • A  post with frequently asked questions about buying/selling a home
  • A guide for first-time tenants about what documents they will need and what the process will involve - for example, credit checks, in-  and outgoing inspections etc.
  • A post about what a home seller can expect after they have signed a mandate with you to sell their property.

The golden rule with evergreen content is to keep it updated - if there is any changes in laws or requirements that you have written about, you should update the post immediately. Not only will you have factually correct information, chances are people will be able to find your website easier if you have the answer they are looking for.

Remarket the post 

After you first published the post you can market it across your social media platforms, but don’t leave it there - remarket the post at a later stage. For example, if you wrote a post about ‘The essential maintenance checklist for new homeowners,” you can remarket that post at the beginning of the year when most people feel more inclined to home maintenance or upgrades.

Publishing news is easy

No one understands the real estate industry better than you, so why not use it to your benefit with evergreen content? We have made it easy for you to publish news to your Entegral powered Flex websites from your OMS dashboard.

You can read the help file here: How to publish news on my Flex website

Contact our support staff if you need assistance or to request a quote for a new responsive Flex real estate website.

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