Are real estate websites a one-time investment?

Many business-owners believe that the first website they invest in will stand the test of time, and that is simply not how it works. It has been said that a website can become almost obsolete after approximately three years.

When was the last time you updated your website?

Think about your top website from three years ago - does it still look the same? Chances are that unless they have undergone changes and updates, it is no longer the website it once was.

The reasoning behind website updates should be obvious, however so many real estate agents and agencies continue to hang on to outdated sites. As technological innovations dictate trends, websites have to evolve to keep up with users’ demands.

Things such as SEO is a continuous evolution and minor tweaks to searchability are always at the forefront of our development work, this is to ensure that minor tweaks do not become major redesigns.

However, things like interface design may simply become outdated over time. For instance, a real estate agency which built its site in 2012 may not have felt the need to prioritize responsive viewing on mobile. However, 2015 saw mobile traffic taking over and now in 2017, with the imminent mobile first indexing from Google, a site that is not responsive will not only be outdated it will hurt your business.

Signs It’s Time for a Redesign

While 3 years is not a hard rule, a check-up every now and again will ensure that your site is always in great shape. When reviewing your site, there will be a few red flags that will indicate an overhaul is necessary:

  • You’re not getting leads. If you are not getting leads, there are a few ways to determine where the problem lies. Is your content fresh and updated on a regular basis? Do you have updated and correct contact information? Or is it a more technical issue? Remember the easier you make it to find you on Google the better your site will be able to generate leads.
  • You are sticking out like a sore thumb. While visibility is always good, there is also standing out for the wrong reasons. Take a look at some of your favourite websites and assess why you like them. Is it the sleek, uncluttered look or the clear branding? If your site doesn’t give you the same “WOW” feeling then it is time for a redesign. 
  • The page is slow or difficult to navigate. If the page takes more than a few seconds to load on various devices, it won’t be an effective tool for garnering new business. Likewise, if visitors are unable to follow a logical path through the site to find the information they need, it’s time to rethink your design. Both of these aspects determine user experience, the most important component in a website’s success.

Crafting a site that can stand the test of time requires an ongoing partnership with a web development company that understands your unique needs as a real estate agent. At Entegral Technologies, our team of digital experts is ready to build you a professionally crafted and beautiful responsive site and work closely with you to ensure it stays ahead of the competition. Contact us today for a quote on your own Flex responsive site and office management system.

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