Real estate marketing trends that you should be using

With more than half of the year already in the rearview mirror, we take a look at some of the marketing trends that have dominated in the real estate industry this year and how you can take advantage of it before the end of 2017.

Lights, camera, action!

Live streaming and video marketing continue to make headway into every industry and real estate is no different.

By adding real estate video marketing to your digital marketing strategy, you are making your site a valuable commodity for those looking to buy or sell property which will keep them coming back for more and even refer leads to you.

If you are into live-streaming then have a look at Facebook and Instagram’s live-streaming offerings. Read more about video marketing at the links below.

Video marketing for real estate - here is what you need to know  | 5 Little-known Instagram features you should be using for your real estate brand 

Content is King (but you knew that)

Content marketing has always been important but now is exactly the right time for you to jump on the bandwagon with your own content!

Buyers and sellers are more informed than ever, with so much information available to them presenting yourself as an expert in the field or in your neighbourhood will be a huge plus for your leads.

Apart from marketing your personal brand through content, content is also vital to your SEO efforts and, with the OMS loading news to your site is as easy as pie! Follow the link below to find out just how to do it in your OMS dashboard!

Add news to your website

Virtually perfect

Virtual tours are everywhere and it shows no signs of slowing down either!

With companies like Matterport 3D (which is supported in our OMS and our Flex responsive website solution) and our own 360° virtual tour solution, offering your clients a ‘digital showing’ is easier than ever before.

Virtual tours allow buyers to get a better idea of what a property looks like and now from the start whether or not they want to visit the property for an in-person tour. Saving them time and in return make them feel like you understand that their time is just as important as yours. A valued client is a loyal client.

Find out more about our virtual tours by clicking on the link below.

Free 360 virtual tours for real estate agents

Social media marketing

More than just posting to social media, more and more real estate agents are becoming wise to putting money into advertising on social media networks. From a simple boost to native ad platforms within social media platforms, real estate agents are doing it all to get ahead of the pack.

Fifty-six percent of those in the B2C world who have used Facebook ads have reported that it’s resulted in more business for them. With more and more consumers on social media and online doing research, social is the next great advertising frontier.

Are you taking advantage of these trends? With a few more months (and the busy Spring and Summer months) ahead now is the time to reshuffle the marketing board a little to ensure you get the best exposure for your real estate agency and your listings!

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