Mikaya Real Estate launches new responsive real estate Flex website

Established in January 2017, Mikaya Real Estate has grown in leaps and bounds, expanding their real estate footprint in Bloemfontein and with that came the need for a cutting edge real estate website that would reflect their brand and showcase their latest listings.

With years experience in the real estate industry, the dedicated Mikaya Real Estate are poised to ensure the very best service to their clients whether they are on the hunt for a rental property, new family home, an agricultural property or commercial real estate.

Mikaya Real Estate chose Entegral Technologies to be their service provider for all their online marketing and property management needs.  Their business is run and managed by our Office Management System (OMS) which is linked to their brand new Momento themed Flex website.

Not only do they now boast with a fully responsive website, but is also one of the very first of our clients that have taken advantage of our new theme!

Visit us at www.entegral.net for more information on how you can have your real estate business setup on the OMS, have your own website and feed to major real estate portals within a few working days.

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