The problem with real estate social media and how to fix it

In a recent study it was revealed that the real estate industry only responded to 11% of the messages they receive from social media, and even worse it was ranked the 4th most annoying industry on social media - we take a look at how to fix this.

Sprout Social revealed in its Q1 2017 Sprout Social Index that the estate industry only responded to 11% of its incoming messages. What’s worse is the industry ranked No. 4 in the Top 10 Most Annoying Industries on Social Media in the Q3 2016 Sprout Social Index.

These figures all paints a picture of an industry that spends a large chunk of time selling/promoting online but not enough time engaging in a meaningful way with their audience.

We take a look at ways to change this perception

When there is a question answer it!

That it is the most basic step to take - if you get queries on your Facebook Page, Flex responsive real estate website or other property portals answer them in a prompt manner.

Find out more about lead conversion from start to finish here: Maximise your lead conversion with these tips and tricks

Engage on community pages

Don’t use the pages to just promote new listings or your agency - answer questions that other members might have about the community. You are creating a brand as a real estate area specialist and the more you help residents find what they are looking for the more they will connect your name with being knowledgeable.

It will also show that you are invested in the area you operate in and that goes a long way!

Add reviews

Referrals are the best kind of marketing for real estate agents. In your Facebook Page, enable both reviews and services. For ease of communication, make sure clients can book appointments with you or message for questions.

On your website, use client testimonials and information about your services. Do you provide free consultations and can they be booked online? Finding an agent is difficult enough. Make the process for connecting to your client as seamless as possible.

Here is how to deal with negative reviews

Go live

The easiest way to go live is by educating your viewers.

You are in the trenches on a daily basis and understand the wants and needs of your clients the best - they are often overwhelmed by the buying/selling process, or don’t understand their legal rights as a tenant. Why not host a live event where you address these issues and allow for your viewers to ask questions about the property market or industry?

This is an invaluable platform to encourage two-way conversations, opening the door for you to create brand advocates.

Incorporate Excellent Photography

Staging and photography can be vastly underrated. If you’re just starting out and can’t hire a photographer, it’s smart to buy a decent camera and take some classes online.

Having an empty house with a sterile environment makes it more difficult for anyone to picture themselves living there. In fact, a survey found 83% of homebuyers want photos of the property to be available online. Photography makes a difference and the better the photos, the more attention-grabbing they will be on a highly visual network like Instagram.

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