The two-step solution to the biggest real estate social media problem

No matter how you look at it - real estate agents are being ignored on social media. There is a reason for that, but there is also a solution. We find out what you can do to go from being ignored to being shared.

You have been told regularly that having a consistent posting schedule is important for social media success. But no matter how much you post, you just aren’t seeing the results you would like. So what are you doing wrong?

The hard truth is that it is probably that people just don’t care about what you are posting. Some people might but most of them don’t.

The solution? There are two steps to fixing your lack-lustre engagement rates. First off, Content is King but context matters. This means that unless your followers are in the market for a new home, your posts about ‘first time home buying tips’ won’t matter to them.

Step One: Give them what they want

You might be saying that you are giving them vital information - and yes you are if they are first time home buyers or on the market for a new home. But what about those people that just moved into their new home? They won’t care about home buying tips or market news.

Countless studies have shown that the most shareable content are food, home and lifestyle topics which account for 85% of the world’s most shared content.

Shareable recipes, DIY ideas, organizational tips and self-improvement information are just some of the topics you can mix into your more market-related posts.

Step Two: Relationships before selling

Social media is a great tool to market your listings and to get fresh leads, but your social media shouldn’t be focused on just selling. People love social media because they can learn something new, get inspired or get motivated.

The good old 80/20 rule applies here - no more than 20% of your activity should be about your services. The remaining 80% or more should be about your clients’ wants, needs and likes.

When you do share about yourself, make it personal (without oversharing and damaging your brand.) For instance, if you are an avid mountain biker you can share a photo of your favourite track in the area. People will get to know you a little better and will feel a little more comfortable connecting with you when it is time to sell or buy.

It takes a little time and patience, but improving your social media efforts can bring you a significant return on investment, especially if your competitors keep doing things the same way.

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