Use local content marketing to snag new clients

By writing content that acts as a neighbourhood guide, real estate agents are making their websites - and by extension their brands - the number one source for community and property related information.

Content marketing is a necessary investment for real estate agents that want to stand out online and attract clients, and nothing works better for real estate agents than local content marketing.

How to develop highly effective location content 

Most people head online to use search engines to find resources in their local vicinity and the clued-up real estate agent will use this as a way to drive traffic to their real estate website.

Another benefit of local content is that it requires little upkeep and acts as evergreen content on your website. A win-win situation for both your brand and SEO.

Here are some tips for developing high-returning neighbourhood and city guides.

Quality over quantity

Keyword stuffing will get you nowhere. Don’t use the name of the city 100 times over the course of your post. Instead, focus on producing quality content. In the midst of creating quality content, you’ll naturally find yourself using long-tail keywords that satisfy the search engine’s ranking algorithms.

It is not all about real estate (even when it is)

Make room for real estate-specific content in your location guides, but don’t make everything about housing trends and valuations.

These guides should touch on a wide array of topics and give readers a full picture of what it’s like to live, work and play in their respective city.

Call them to action

Although a location guide is intended to provide the reader with tangible value, it’s ultimately designed to benefit you — the agent. To maximize the value of your location guides, be sure to close the deal. In other words, get them to opt-in on your automated newsletters.

Automated newsletters will not only send out your latest listings and news, it will keep your brand at the forefront of client’s minds when the time comes to sell, buy or rent a property.

| Here is more information on our automated newsletters


Content marketing is something that you should be using to build your brand and connect with clients.

If you really want to generate the highest return on your investment, local content is the way to go. Give it a shot, and see how it impacts your marketing efforts over the coming months.

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