3 no-cost ways to improve the client experience

The little details are what makes the biggest impact  - even more so when you have a service driven business like a real estate agency.

Real estate is much more than just brick and mortar - it is about selling the neighbourhood, the lifestyle they will have in their new property, the dreams the investment will fulfil. And you, as real estate agent play a vital role in all of this - and whether it is a positive or negative role depends on the level of service they receive.

You can spend thousands of rands on marketing, but if there is no service, the client won’t use you or recommend you. Remember how we spoke about word-of-mouth marketing and social proof? Those are vital to your business.

So how can you improve your client-experience without spending even more money?


We get it - days are busy, filled with new listings, paperwork and everything else that needs to be done. However, communication is one of the most important factors that influence how a client feels about working with you.

Following up on new leads, answering emails or calling back clients - communication is vital to your business and if you are going to ignore them, you are going to lose out on current business and future business as well.

This doesn’t mean that you should be available 24/7 - instead have a cut-off time after work. Calls and emails that came through after that can be returned first-thing in the morning. If you missed any calls or emails during the day take an hour before you go home to respond to those.

The personal touch

Once you have photographed your latest listing, take five minutes and create a social media post for the listing. Mention the great features, important amenities close by and other relevant information.

What you are doing is obviously creating some awareness for the listing from your business pages on social media, but you are also making the client feel like you are truly invested in finding the right buyer for their property.

The little things

Double-checking offers, following up, returning phone calls, being on time, doing one more walkthrough after an open house — details count, and the more you can focus on ensuring that every little detail is taken care of for clients, the more they can rest assured that you are on top of the big picture as well.

There are many real estate agents out there and if you are giving your clients the kind of service to talk about, future clients will be more willing to sign an exclusive mandate because they will know that you are committed to helping them.

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