OMS API update version 1.8 - retrieve listing files

An update has been made for the OMS APIversion 1.8.
It is documented in our OMS API documentation.

Retrieve property listing files
You can now retrieve files stored on property listings using:

Files retrieved:
1) In the OMS, all files saved and marked as 'public files' 
2) In the OMS, files specifically programmed to be made available through the OMS API. This can include brochures, files marked saved ofr internal access or any other custom programmed files for a specific office. 
Files are made available through URL links and in the case of the programmed files (2) made available for 30 days, after the link will self-destruct.

Module 3 access, which also provides access to notes, is required.

The OMS API can be used to extract data from the OMS to external systems. It is included free of charge to all clients. Clients can generate their own API keys for web developers. 

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