5 Tips to increase your social media engagement

Social media is a powerful marketing tool and with these tips and tricks, you will be able to improve your social media engagement this year.

Marketing yourself or your agency on social media in 2018 should no longer just be about reaching a large audience, rather about having people reacting to your posts with not just likes but with much more valuable comments and shares.

We take a look at how you can improve your social media engagement here.

Share valuable content

This goes hand-in-hand with our usual advice of writing fresh content for your website, at least once a week. Not only is it good for your search engine optimisation (SEO) it is also good for your social media engagement.

These are the five marks your content should hit to make it valuable (and perfect for social media):

  1. Is it helpful to your audience? Are you actually solving their real estate problems or answering their property related questions?
  2. Is it saving time? Are you ensuring that your readers can find the answer without having to go through paragraphs of information that is not really helpful
  3. Does it do what it says? Are you matching your headings with what is in the blog post? For example, is your ‘Understanding the Home Buying Process’ article really easily understood by your readers or do they still need someone to explain the process to them?
  4. Is it actionable? After reading the content, can a reader immediately do what you explained in the post? For example, can they immediately start putting together a budget to start saving for a deposit?
  5. Would you share it? Would you share your own content with your friends and family to see?

Visually pleasing

Your audience is made up of visual creatures, so using images, graphics, and the like is a no-brainer.
An analysis of more than 100 million Facebook updates over a three-month period revealed that updates with images enjoyed 2.3 times more engagement than those without, according to a BuzzSumo study.

By simply including an image in a post, you get to enjoy at least double the engagement rate. That means double the number of comments, likes, and shares.

Two way street

A sure-fire way to increase engagement is to allow for two-way communication. We suggest asking your audience a question.

Facebook itself recommends that you ask your audience questions, which is what it terms as an example of an actionable post to increase engagement:

“Share articles or blogs from your website, provide links to your newsletter sign-up form, ask your fans to answer a question or provide their opinions in the comment section of your post.”

Drive traffic to your Facebook page from other sources

Send the audience that interacts with you on other social channels to your Facebook page. You could simply include a link to your Facebook page within a tweet or include it on your Instagram bio.
Another option, and one that we also recommend strongly, is to include buttons on your Flex responsive website that links to your social media platforms. Not only is this good for business, it is good for SEO.

Include a call to action

You can’t underestimate the usefulness of a good call to action (CTA) on Facebook. Studies show that using specific words on posts can help increase conversion rates.

Using call to action terms correlates with higher effectiveness across the board. The average engagement rate per post is greater for posts that use these terms than those that don’t, according to a TrackMaven report. The terms the study looked are “share,” “please,” “now,” and “like.”

Facebook itself introduced CTAs on pages in the realization that encouraging customers to take action drives business objectives.

Based on this data, it makes sense for you to include calls to action on the posts you publish, as well as on your Facebook page.

With these tips, you can expect to increase your Facebook engagement significantly.

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