Facebook’s news feed is changing - here is what you need to know

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has announced that the company will overhaul the algorithm for the social media platform’s news feed. This is an effort to gear the platform towards more “meaningful social interaction” and away from what it deems “relevant content.” So what does this mean for you?

As a real estate agent and born salesperson, Facebook has become one of the greatest marketing tools. However, this won’t be what Facebook would deem as a “meaningful social interaction.”

As marketers, real estate agents have to adjust and step up their game if they want continued success with Facebook as a business tool.

Build relationships

You are already a great networker - that is what makes you a great real estate agent - and you should be using that natural instinct to build relationships with your followers on Facebook.

An agent’s social media strategy should be an overall experience for the consumer — and a transparent, honest and clear picture of what you are about.

If you’re looking for the best route, consider a strategy that involves a consistent mix of your listing posts or closing table pictures with value-driven information and engaging problem-solving sessions.
The biggest strategy change should be showing that you care about more in this world than real estate. Post things that are in line with your core values and varied in subject matter — topics that relate to what you are about in your business, but that isn’t explicitly real estate-focused.

You have to interact

It is easy to fall into a routine of posting and not responding or contributing to the conversation.
The new algorithms aim to correct this behaviour.

In the past, you could post great content and have people share it. You could build a great base and without having to interact too much your posts would still feature high on news feeds. It won’t work that way anymore.

Looking at what other people are posting, liking that post and commenting on it will become a lifeline for staying visible. Likewise, responding to comments on your own posts will be equally as important. This is a true and meaningful interaction in the eyes of Facebook.

Content is a big word these days in regards to marketing, and Facebook is continuing its focus on original content.

Links to articles, YouTube videos or anything that pulls a user to another website will continue to be less relevant than your own Facebook Live videos, recorded videos, posts and shares.

Acknowledging the harm of passively consuming content on social media has been a breakthrough for the company. Thus, it shifted back to its original ideology of connecting people.

The upcoming algorithm adjustments are said to foster human connection. The more people you interact with and contribute to, the more visible you will become in their news feed.

Facebook has said, in response to the new algorithms’ criticism, that connecting with each other is the most important thing it can do. No one would voluntarily use a platform that was a constant stream of ads.

Modern technology has removed the need for much of the interaction in a real estate deal. Whether you hate it, love it or feel indifferent toward it, the simple truth is that the most effective sales tool is interaction not automation.

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