Three tips to gear your real estate website for voice search

Voice search is here to stay - because it is easier to speak to a digital assistant than typing - so we take a look at three ways you can gear your real estate website towards voice search.

To prove that voice search is the way of the future, take a look at these statistics:

With the increase in the use of digital assistants, optimising for voice search is critical to your SEO success.

We take a look at three SEO strategies to help you optimise your website - it is easier than you think!

1. Claim your Google My Business Listing

Probably the easiest thing to do is to simply claim your Google My Business listing!

The reason why this is important is that voice search focuses a lot on local search results and how can they find you if you make it impossible to do so?

In the listing, ensure that your name, address, and phone number (NAP) are accurate. The phone number should ideally also contain the area code. Make sure that the contact information matches up to the information on your website.

Also ensure that you fill out the introduction part of your listing, as well as choosing a category for your business. This will further help you appear higher in the ranking results.

2. Get mobile friendly

Having a mobile-friendly website is beneficial on many levels - whether you want to ensure that you rank higher in voice or traditional searches.

As we mentioned before, even Facebook will be penalising websites that aren’t mobile friendly in their news feed. And with the recent changes, you don’t want to hinder your business even more.

Let us help you get ready for the mobile revolution with our Flex responsive websites that adapts to any device it is viewed from without losing functionality.

3. Write content that answers questions

You need to carefully listen to the words people use when talking about you.

Once you have collected their common questions and phrases, you can create content for them.
Most companies limit these efforts to a single FAQ page. I recommend creating dedicated blog posts based on your customers’ questions.

You can also optimize the existing content on your blog and product pages for these queries.
Finding the questions of your audience and answering them through blog posts will not help with voice search alone.

It is also profitable. If you continually answer the most asked question property buyers, sellers, landlords or tenants have, you are ensuring that people are going to come to you when they get ready for whatever property journey they are on.

It is hard work, but voice search optimization makes your content closer to human language. Right now is the perfect time to jump on the voice SEO ship and gain an edge over your competition.

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