Why accountability is the cornerstone of lead conversion

Having a multitude of lead conversion strategies and systems in place might seem like the right approach to converting leads - however, all your efforts might be moot if there is no accountability. We take a deeper look at how you can make sure accountability is a part of your real estate agency culture.

Setting goals

You cannot grow a culture of accountability without having a set of clearly defined goals. Lead conversion will fail every single time if agents do not know what they are working towards - are you trying to grow your business in a new area? Launching a new property management division?

These plans and corresponding goals for your real estate team will serve as the backbone of your culture of accountability. If you or a member of your team falls short of a goal, it’s much easier to pivot and address problems if you have a strong foundation in place.

Increasing productivity with management tools 

This is not about policing your agents - after all, micromanagement has never been an effective management tool to increase productivity or accountability. However, having tools in place that allows agents to quickly access everything they need to convert leads is definitely going to get you closer to your goals.

Begin by placing your business plans in an easily accessible place such as the OMS where everyone can see the agency goals and each agent’s goals.

Another great feature of the OMS is the leads consolidation feature that allows agents to see all leads received from the different portals as well as your own Flex responsive website. Here they can quickly manage new leads, follow-ups and so forth.

What makes the lead consolidation feature so great for keeping your agents accountable is the live inbox feature that allows you to see leads in the live inbox. This keeps everyone accountable.

Tracking performance and rewarding it

Once again this is not about micromanagement - it is about keeping all members accountable and allowing you to spot possible problems early on.

The OMS allows you to pull performance reports that show you listing breakdowns by agent or office as a whole. Giving you a clear indication of what is happening with your agents. When you can be proactive about these types of situations, leads don’t fall through the cracks, and conversion rates improve dramatically.
“On top performing teams, peers immediately and respectfully confront one another when problems arise. Not only does this drive greater innovation, trust, and productivity, but also it frees the boss from being the playground monitor.”
                                                                             – Harvard Business Review
By rewarding strengths and providing constructive feedback in weaker areas, agents will start to view accountability as something that increases their productivity, fosters a better company culture, and pushes them to reach their full potential.

In a real estate business, when a team has a clear purpose, roles are defined effectively, and measures are put in place to keep everyone on the same page, conversion numbers will rise. But, creating a culture in your company that drives everyone to do what they’re supposed to do, happily, can take some work but it will be worth the effort in the end.

Want a system that will help your agents remain accountable throughout the lead conversion process? Look at the Entegral Office Management System.

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